The Didactic "Vegetable Garden"



Day by day


The Organic Farm ‘A Lanterna is in Monasterace and stretches over 67 hectares in the heart of Magna Grecia, inside the Ancient Kaulon Archaelogical Park, near the Punta Stilo Lighthouse, built in 1891 and still in use today. The farm produces olive oil, wine and organic citrus fruits. It offers accomodation and restaurant service at the Locanda Cocintum. The Organic Farm 'A Lanterna proposes didactic farm activities in the respect of nature:


Educational path inside the farm to learn how to eat healthily. Experience directly the organic farming pecularities and the seasonality of vegetables, the sowing and the harvest time through some educational workshop:

  • The Vegetable Garden Pinwheel (game of the goose and discovery of vegetable features); 4 corners for 4 seasons (seasonality treasure hunt);

  • Farmers for one day (using the the farmer's equipment, students will grow vegetables in a small garden); Cooking Vegetables (dressing chef clothing, the students will cook vegetables to make a healthy snack).

A Fruit in a tin........from the tree to the jar

Visit to the farm and to its productions (olive grown, vineyards and citrus grove) to know, playing, the organic farming: students will pick fruit from the trees transforming them into a good marmelade to take home. The workshops are:

  • Detectives of the Nature (walk to the discovery of trees, cataloguing and filling a didactic form);

  • Let's make the marmelade (fruit selection and workshop on marmelade and juice making); Jams and mysterious juices (jam and juice tasting game); the label .......this (un)known? (learn how to read the label and make a personalised label with colours and recycling materials).

The Young Archaeologist and the Drakon

Following Paolo Orsi footsteps, the students will learn about the Dragon mosaic and Ancient Kaulon archaelogical park (digs and museum) where the agritourism is situated. 
Workshop: the Young Archaelogist  (divided in teams, led by an archaelogist, the students will find the tiles to put the mosaic back together).



Giornata intera € 15,00 (laboratorio + pranzo + merenda)
Mezza giornata € 10,00 (laboratorio+merenda)


  • I costi s'intendono a studente.
  • Gruppo minimo 25 studenti.
  • 1 gratuità ogni 25 studenti.
  • I percordi possono essere modulati in base alle esigenze dei singoli istituti.

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