School Trips

School Trips

Starting from a direct and deep knowledge of the territory, through historical and cultural paths but also the testimonies of people who fight for democracy, social justice and development, the school trip becomes an important experience which may convey to students the need for a continuous process of change as well as the awareness of being an active part in it.

Here are the main features of Responsible Tourism trips for school:

Legality and Active Citizenship

GOEL has been opposing since ages to ‘ndrangheta and offers real alternatives; the school trip becomes an occasion of experiencing and meeting witnesses and new realities as the organic farmers damaged by mafia, migrant reception and inclusion projects, learning how active citizenship can win against ‘ndrangheta.

Didactic Farm and Organic Farming

GOEL gathered many local organic farms opposing to ‘ndrangheta. With them GOEL pointed out the high ethical quality of the products with “GOEL Bio” brand. Students will experience the production chain of this small social and agricultural revolution.

Art and History

Guided tours to historic and archeological sites in the Locride area (Gerace, Locri Epizephiri, Stilo, S. Ilarione and S. Barbara Monastery, Monte Stella Sanctuary, Roman Villa of Naniglio and Casignana), of Reggio Calabria and Grecanica area (Bova, Gallicianò and Roghudi).


Trekking and hike in the Aspromonte National Park, Natural Park of Serre and Sila National Park discovering the biodiversity with specialized guides.

Fashion and Craftsmanship

CANGIARI is the first eco-ethical brand in the haut-de-gamme Italian fashion. It resulted from the recovery of the ancient and prestigious tradition of handloom waving. The hand-woven inserts become so refined fashion collections completely organic and natural. In Milan, the showroom is in a property confiscated to ‘ndrangheta. Students will be shown how a traditional craftsmanship has given birth to one of the most innovative brand in recent years.

Social Health

GOEL helped some municipalities of the Locride area with innovative reception projects for African migrants. It helps also children and teenagers to come out of violence and neglect and is engaged in psychiatry with two residential health communities. Students will experience the social innovation in a territory characterized by a strong social abandon.



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