Trips in the Jasmine Coast


Day by day

Tour 1

Locri and Gerace: History and Tradition

Departure at 9.00 am. Guided tour of the archeological site and visit of the museum of Locri Epizephiri, the most famous among the Magna Grecia towns. Transfer to Gerace and guided tour through the Medieval town, which houses a remarkable artistic heritage, preserved mainly in its Cathedral. During the visit we can taste the famous granita (snow cone) made from fresh fruit in Piazza del Tocco. Return at 13:00 am.

Tour 2

STILO: the Sun City

Departure at 9.00 am. Guided tour of Stilo, the philosopher Tommaso Campanella's hometown: with its many hermitages and monasteries, such as the Cattolica, a Byzantine-style church from the 9th century, Stilo is an example of the meeting between East and West. Late morning, transfer to Pazzano and visit to the Monte Stella’s Sanctuary situated in a cave characterized by the presence of the most ancient Byzantine fresco in Southern Italy. Return at 13:00 am.

Tour 3

Ancient KAULON: Cult and Legend

Departure at 9.00 am. Guided tour of Caulonia. This old town, dating back to Byzantine period, was an important religious and artistic centre of which examples are the Mother Church, built in 1513, the Church of S. Maria de’ Minniti, in late Baroque style, the Church of Immacolata Concezione and the Byzantine fresco from the 11th century. In the late morning transfer to Monasterace and guided tour of Kaulon archeological area which houses the famous Dragon mosaic. Return at 13:00 am.

Tour 4

Gioiosa Jonica and Mammola: Tradition and Innovation

Departure at 9.00 am and guided visit to Gioiosa Jonica: in the old town are situated the historical buildings as S.Rocco's Church. Palazzo Amaduri houses an important library and art gallery, in which we can find an original Mattia Preti's painting.  We can taste the delicious traditional ice-cream, called “Pezzo Duro”. Transfer to Mammola and visit to the old S. Barbara Monastery which houses the famous Laboratory-Park MuSaBa. Return at 13.00 am.

Tour 5

Casignana: Land of Wine and Mosaics

Departure at 9.00 am. Guided tour of the archeological area of the Roman Villa located in Casignana. The Villa, dating back from the third century A.D., is famous for its thermal baths and different living rooms decorated with polychrome mosaics and marble slabs. Transfer to Bianco and visit to a wine-producing farm and tasting of the famous “Greco” di Bianco doc wine. Return at 13.00 am.



  • Locri and Gerace: 25,00 euro
  • Stilo: 23,00 euro
  • Monasterace and Antica Kaulon: 23,00 euro
  • Gioiosa Jonica and Mammola: 30,00 euro
  • Casignana and Bianco:28,00

The price includes:

  • Guided visits; 
  • Entry fee to museums and archaeological parks;
  • Wine tasting in Bianco, Granita tasting in Gerace and Ice tasting in Gioiosa Jonica;
  • Transfer on-site

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